Jay Chavkin is Dedicated to Legal Education

Jay Chavkin is an educator. He’s a lawyer who has found a way to make the complex topics of the law easier to understand for thousands of students as they’ve prepared to take the California bar exam since 1995 when he founded his business, Personal Bar Prep.

Personal Bar Prep — A Business & A Passion

Personal Bar Prep is a comprehensive bar review course that is unique because it utilizes a small group approach combined with hands-on learning, giving students a personalized, dynamic program that fully prepares them to pass the most challenging bar exam in the nation. Jay Chavkin cares passionately about his students–really gets to know them–while providing a professional framework at Personal Bar Prep within which students learn and succeed. They feel accountable to him as they make their way through the often grueling process of studying for the bar and he is there for them as a mentor, a coach, and a constant source of encouragement.

Jay Chavkin has also spent years as a private tutor. He has tutored students through law school as well as tutored hundreds of students as they prepared for the First-Year Law Students’ Exam or Baby Bar, the California bar exam and bar exams for several other states in the U.S.  His emphasis on persistence and excellence along with his caring and compassionate approach has led many students to success, often in the face of enormous challenges.

Take a look around the website to learn more about Jay Chavkin’s background, his business, watch his videos and, if you’d like to discuss how your goals might match up with Jay’s work, he’d love to hear from you.