Personal Bar Prep – The Course

Jay Chavkin’s Personal Bar Prep bar review course is a small group bar prep for the California bar exam. It begins with a series of live lectures that can be attended in person or online through a live-streamed web interface. The lectures cover all bar subjects and won’t waste your time on things that won’t be on the bar exam. The rest of the course is comprised of small group meetings that focus on covering bar exam essay questions, in addition to MBE workshops and performance test workshops. Students do a lot of homework–essays are turned in for grading and receive thoughtful, personalized feedback. Jay Chavkin is always available to answer questions or provide encouragement, either by email or by phone. All materials are provided. The entire course is comprehensive and provides students a very personal approach to bar preparation.

Private Bar Exam Tutoring

Jay Chavkin provides private bar exam tutoring to students interested in one-on-one intensive work on essays and MBEs for the California bar exam. He has helped students from a very broad range of backgrounds, including many students dealing with learning disabilities, test anxiety and health issues that make studying for the bar particularly challenging.

Baby Bar Review Course

Jay Chavkin’s Personal Bar Prep also offers a Baby Bar Review course for students preparing to take the First Year Law Students’ Exam (FYLSE). The course follows the same design as our bar prep course, with lectures and small group workshops and practice essays with feedback. The services of a Baby Bar private tutor are also available.


If you are interested in learning more about Personal Bar Prep’s course, private tutoring or the Baby Bar course, please visit the Personal Bar Prep website or call Jay at 213-985-1977.

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